Tuesday through Friday 9:00 - 19:00
 Saturday ,Sunday and National Holidays 9:00 - 17:00
 Closed  Mondays;
 Last day of month(If it falls on Saturday or Sunday,it will take place on the previous Friday);
 New Year's Holidays From Dec.28 to Jan.4;
 Inventory days each spring and fall


 150-1 Ushirogawara Yamaguchi-city  〒753-0083
  Tel :083-924-2111 office
  Tel :083-924-2114 Reference Service
  Fax :083-932-2817

Lending Service

 Anyone who is a legal resident, student or employee in Yamaguchi Prefecture may borrow books.
 Registration is required to borrow books. An identification card is necessary to register.
         Limit: 10 books per person
         Loan period: 22 days


 The library will purchase book, which are not in stock.
 Upon request, Books already on loan may be requested and reserved.

Mail Service

 Lending service by mail is available for people in rural areas, and for the physically impaired.
       Limit: 10 books per person
       Loan Period:20 days for people in rural areas
               30 days for the physically impaired


 The library's OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) will tell you where books are located. You can reach our OPAC by personal computer at your home, office or school.

Reference Service

 Dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks and other reference materials are available in the reference Material Room on the 2nd floor. Librarians at the desk also will help with reference services by researching or locating resources.
 As for materials which are not in stock, our staff will use interlibrary loan photocopy services.
 Inquiries by mail or telephone are accepted.

Photocopying Service

 Materials in the library may be copied under the copyright law.
  Cost per copy: 10 Yen          Photocopy Service: 35 Yen
  Available hours: 9:00 -18:30 Available hours: 9:00 -16:30

Local Collection

 A special Collection of books related to Yamaguchi prefecture (books published in Yamaguchi; school histories; catalogs; research papers, etc.) is available.

Group Loans

 Group loans are available for reading clubs, companies, and city and community libraries.

Book Delivery Car

 A book delivery car visits every city and community library once a month.
 Through this system, people throughout Yamaguchi have access to our collection.

Service to children and Young Adults

 There are picture books, stories, and novels on loan, as well as reference books in the Children's Room.
 Lending service, registration, and reading guidance is available at the desk.
                Hours  9:00 -17:00
 If you have any problems in the library, do not hesitate to ask the staff to help you.

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